Sunday, March 30, 2014

There's a Spirit in the House

Sounds strange, but it's only happened a couple of times during the last few years. The last time was a bit on the annoying side... telephone calls constantly, flickering lights, but this time is different. In more ways than one. This time my husband saw her.

I say "her" because that is what I feel the gender is of my latest visitor. The visit started out simply enough, a brief glimpse as she passed my daughter's bedroom window, another from the bathroom window. Both encounters were nothing more than a flash of a dark shadow that crossed out the sunlight. The last time I glimpsed something like this it had me running outside in my nightshirt with a baseball bat, determined to get rid of whoever was lurking about outside. But there was no one there that time... and no one in physical form this time. I might have even forgotten about the encounters had I not had another while sitting at the kitchen table writing. Again, it was a flash of a shadow, set out against the dwindling daylight. Oh, and did I mention that the lights above my head started flickering?

Now, before you start thinking that I need to move, let me assure you that had I felt that this presence was anything but nice I would have gladly had it removed. But something told me this spirit wasn't meaning harm. I decided to let it go and see what happened. I didn't quite imagine what did. I awoke around 2am and rolled over to look down the hall toward the bathroom. We keep one of those nightlites there, the kind that are sensitive to light and shut off during the day, but glow at night with a faint green tinge. I'm not sure what awoke me, but as I looked down the hall I saw a dark shadow lean into the bathroom, blocking the light before pulling back. Being me, I decided to just watch and see what happened. It happened once more and then was done. I rolled over and slept.

The next night hubby and I were talking in bed, reviewing the day before we fell asleep and he suddenly asked me if my "spidey" sense had picked up anything. Hubby is a skeptical believer. Always skeptical, but he's had a few credible instances that he just can't explain. He wavers between mild acceptance and denial when it comes to what I see. But that night was different. I asked what he had seen and he told me that he'd seen a figure go into the bathroom. A dark shadow, just as I had seen. Needless to say, he hasn't slept well after that.

So for the time being I have another visitor in the house. She's been quietly making her rounds and she hasn't made a mess. She can stay as long as she agrees not to scare the hubby to death. Guess I'll just have to keep watching and see what happens. Till next time...

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Haunting Time

There's something about this time of year that makes everyone start think spooky. It's more than Halloween, it's the coolness in the air and the urge to turn inward and content ourselves. We are doing less outside and more inside and the quietness stays outside the walls. It's only then that we begin to hear the creaking and settling of our houses. The wild and wet storms that charge the air and bring the spirits forward.

I love the storms. I always have. As a child I would often sit in my window at night and let the rain and the wind sweep against my face. Often, I'd fall asleep at the window, content. The other night we had a storm that lasted most of the night. Living on the river we are used to the storms that charge down the river, gathering as they go. But this storm was different. The lightening went on for hours and the Thunder echoed so loudly it shook the house. Normally, I'd have loved this, but even I found it a bit disconcerting when it continued on and on. It did more than pull the leaves from the trees. I've no doubt that the amount of energy that charged the air offered ample opportunity for a spirit, or two, to make their presence known. They did at my house. Since my daughter returned to college and my son has been busy with football, the house has been very quiet. There was some scratching at our bedroom door during the night, but I ignored it, knowing that it was only my anxious cats. Turns out it was more than the cats. Hubby arose to find that one of them had an accident upstairs. It was only when he went to check on their box (they never miss their box) that he found the basement door was firmly shut. None of us had been down there the day before. None of us had closed it. The door shuts tightly, but in this case it was so tight that hubby had to kick it to get it open. The cats were relieved that the access to their box was restored, but we were all perplexed. How had that door managed to get closed so tight? I don't think we'll find out anytime soon. If there was a message in the action we have yet to figure it out. But we're listening. :)

Anyway, I'm off this weekend to do a preliminary investigation on a location in Connecticut with a friend and fellow investigator. It's been awhile, so I am excited, but at the same time I'm feeling a real sense of responsibility. There is a real purpose here. These people need us. And that's why we do what we do. I won't say that I'm going in to this without apprehension, but I am going in with open eyes and that will make the difference. After all, this is what I always wanted... to help people, whether they're on this side or the other.

I'll let you all know how it turns out.

Friday, February 15, 2013

By the Numbers

Have you ever gone about your day, only to realize that you are seeing the same number repeat in various forms until you can't help save notice the pattern. Many believe that number offer significance and that these repeative pattern or observation of numbers are messages to those who take notice.

During my day job I'm an occasional bookkeeper for a grocery store chain. I deal with numbers all day long and in endless forms. Even if I'm running the floor as a shift leader I still see patterns in numbers. Have you ever had your grocery bill come out even, say 125.00 or even $100.00. It doesn't happen as many times in a day as you'd think. Often I can go a week or more without having it happen and then have it come up three times in a day. Perhaps, this is also a message. Usually, I jokingly suggest a lottery ticket since luck seems to be on their side.

Today, the patterns for me were lots of fours (4) and a pattern of numbers that are almost a whole, such as .09, .99, 9.99... you get the idea. For the me the .99 pattern was clearly obvious. Today was a day that was going to take a little extra attention in order to make things turn out. It's that "almost there" reference. And indeed, the day took more attention and committment to get things done. The 4's were not so obvious and I ended up coming home and Googling "siginificance number 4" only to find that it represents "balance", meaning creating balance in my life and in my day. This made perfect sense since this is a continual battle for me. But I guess that's really the point of the messages... to get my attention.

So, what are the numbers you see most often? And do they have a special significance for you and how you take on your day?

I'd love to know.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ending the Year and the Task at Hand!

I may well be the only person that I know of that enjoys the end of one year and the beginning of the next. Maybe it's the idea that it's a time of new beginnings, a clean slate and a chance to start fresh. Either way, I am working on a plan for the new year and it includes writing more for this blog.

2012 was a hard, emotional year for my family. My husband spent a good part of it not feeling well and even my daughter ended up in the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. Needless to say, the result of all those hospital and medical bills was a severe stress on the household and on my system. But what has this got to do with the paranormal? Stress has tons to do with it! The energy manifested by negative emotions, heightened tensions and worry has to go somewhere. Often it can manifest into poltergeist type activity or even an increased attraction of spirit activity. Think of it this way, if you are already open to intuitive messages then you already act as a beacon, a lighthouse of sorts for wayward seeking spirits. With the increase in energy manifested by intense emotions that lighthouse goes from a gentle glow to enough wattage to guide any spirit ship around.

And that's pretty much what's been happening in my house.
It started a few weeks ago. I began to notice an increase in my awareness of activity in the home. I don't generally have "visitors" here, so this time it took awhile for me to begin to separate out the unusual from the everyday activity. It was happening mostly at night, and with emphasis on when my husband was out. Usually, I would find my emotions heightened and a sense of urgency and worry. Imagine that someone was standing way too close for comfort, in your bubble, so to speak. It's that same uncomfortable feeling that was plaguing me, but because it was happening in my home I really wasn't picking up on it. Then, the longer I ignored the signs the more obvious they became. There were noises in the house that were out of place with the usual sounds. It's a small house and fairly easy to recognize it. I had massive cold spots around my legs when I was working on the computer that had no explanation and then there were the shadows. I'd seen the shadows mostly in the hallway and discounted them as my cat that passed away a few years ago. In his old age (almost 22) he had a habit of getting lost in the bathroom. I've seen his spirit there before, so when I spotting it again I didn't question it too much until I spotted the shadow darting around my feet at the computer station. This was a new one. Finally, I got the message and decided to try and make contact, but since my abilities are mostly empathic connection of emotions and no sound this was causing a problem. I tried to relay the information that if they wanted to communicate with me that I would be able to hear them, but it was like trying to communicate by playing charades. No matter the signs I was getting the message wasn't coming through. In an effort to help the spirit I contact a friend who does spirit rescue and she was able to help me remove the entity.

But that didn't stop the activity. Two days ago my husband was sitting at the computer and working on his bills when he saw what he described as a black shadow the size of a spider crawl up the wall behind the computer. Now, if I'd said this to my husband he would have totally discounted and given me a funky look to boot. But because it was him having the experience he was more likely to overlook his skepticism. Especially, when I described the same thing he had seen and it matched his description. So, I've pretty much determined that I've got what I call "energy critters". If there's an official name for this I don't know it. I probably would have been skeptic had I not experienced it myself, but I can't deny it. This thing skitters around and as near as I can tell is drawn to large amounts of energy. I suspect that it may have even had something to do with the TV going bad that my husband just bought. We're on our third TV now, let's hope it's the last. Either way, I'm not taking any chances. I decided to put the critter on a diet and I removed the Christmas tree with all the lights and the extra Christmas decorations. I'm decluttering spaces and when I'm done I'm going to do a cleansing to clear away the excess energy. I'm hoping to ring in the New Year with a clean space, clear mind and devoid of any energy critters. I'll keep you all apprised of the results.

There will be more to come in the New Year for this blog. I'm going to be doing some Table Tipping soon, so I'll be sharing my experiences with that. I'm also hoping to work on other aspects of spirit communication and development. It should be a very interesting New Year.

So, here is my hope for all of you in the New Year... May you have all that you need. May your hearts and homes be full of laughter and love. May you recognize the love that surrounds you each day and pay forward the kindnesses you receive. May you life be full and your dreams sweet.

Blessings to you all.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Taking a Stroll in the Past

I've long since thought that walking through a cemetery was one of the most calming, comforting of pastimes. Aparently, I'm not alone. Established in 1855, Evergreen Cemetery was designed by Charles H. Howe (and completed by John Russell) as a garden style cemetery, or part of the rural cemetery movement. Out of 239 acres of this beautiful rolling landscape, only 110 acres of it are dedicated to burial plots. The rest were formed into a park-like setting, complete with pond and walking trails.

When walking the paths of Evergreen, it's easy to see that the intention was to create a city like landscape. There are circles and sloping paths and elegant monuments to the departed, and all beneath a beautiful canopy of trees.

Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, Maine Circa 1900
Maine Memory Network
 Strange enough, this trend in creating park-like places of eternal rest went hand-in-hand with the increasing following of the Spiritualist movement here in New England. Instead of the usual, formal gravestones found previously, here it is evident that there was an attempt at grandeur by the participants.

Pond at Evergreen Cemetery, Portland circa 1901
Maine Memory Network
But Maine was not alone in their endeavors. One of the most famous is Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York. They regularly offer visitors tours of the grounds and host the occasional exhibit and events. Green-Wood was founded in 1838 and became an destination, even a place for a Sunday stroll or a picnic. It's attendance in the 1860's rivaled the attendence at Niagara Falls and other such attractions.

Today, Maine weather permitting, Evergreen is still a thriving park filled with bicyclist, walkers, photographers and those paying their respects. The original intent remains, as it's a place of comfort and peace. If you're in Portland for any length of time I'd suggest a visit.

Clearly, as the rise in a more spiritual society arose, so did the need to create green spaces that respectfully honored those that had gone before. The moments here are both to the living and the deceased. And it's a beautiful thought...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Never Letting Go

Ironically, I just finished reading the book, Never Letting Go, Heal Grief with Help from the Other Side by Medium, Mark Anthony. I say "ironically", because just today I learned that I lost a dear, longtime friend. One of the themes that has become predominant throughout my work as both an investigator and an intuitive is the fact that there is no one that grief doesn't affect. All of us are touched by it as some point in our lives. Some of us are touched by it more than others. Grief is never easy. It's not really supposed to be. Grief is about your soul working through all of the emotions we have when someone we care about moves on to the next level. Grief is about honoring those emotions that are there and trying to find a way to come to terms with them.
     When my mother passed I had a lot of people who told me that "it would get easier with time". Those kind words were meant as comfort to me, but now, looking back, I can begin to see that it doesn't get easier... it merely changes into something that hurts less. Living your life with purpose is not giving up on someone who has passed. Living your life with purpose means that you honor what they brought to your life and you try to remember and bring that blessing into your life every day.
   Mark Anthony talks about his mother's passing and how she told him to "Let go of the sorrow, but hold onto the love." This is a lesson we should all cherish. For those that are left behind when a loved one passes we are meant to deal with all of the lifetime of shared experiences. There are lessons there for all of us. Some of us learn faster than others.
     When someone leaves this world far quicker than would seem natural, either through an accident, illness or even their own hand, we, those left behind, have to deal with the emotions that grief brings to us. For some it's anger, disbelief and sorrow. But there are good things to remember as well. I choose to believe that if someone passes young it's because they've accomplished what needed to be done. Or, in cases like Megan, the young 16 year old that worked for me, their souls burned so brightly that the candle burned faster and hotter.
    The line between the paranormal and grief is long, as long as there has been grief. We just need to remember to hold onto the good things and let the rest fall away.
   This weekend I lost a good friend way too early. He was a avid supporter of myself and my family and a man who touched the hearts of everyone he met. He didn't believe that life should be boxed off, work in one and personal life in another. He was more than that and he led by example. I only hope I can live up to his example. Safe passage, my friend. Until we meet again.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

As a rule, I generally don't talk about myself very much. Especially, when it comes to my interest in the paranormal and my work as a Spiritual Intuitive. I know full and well that there are those out there that scoff at a title such as this, but for myself it is just another step in acknowledging the abilities I was given and by acknowledging them I gain permission to move forward with learning about how I can help others. So, I thought I'd answer a few questions and see if I could clarify what I am and what I'm not.

Out of all the self-imposed titles I could have given myself, why would I choose "Spiritual Intuitive" and not "medium" or "psychic"?

A lot of this has to do with my own level of comfort. This isn't something I came into comfortably. The progression of my abilities are the culmination of a lot of years and a huge gain in my self confidence. Lack of confidence was probably the biggest hurdle I've had to overcome when it came to acknowledging my work with myself and with spirits. While there were those in the family that had had experiences with spirits and the paranormal, there weren't any of them that were willing to step forward and tell the world that they could sometimes see things that others couldn't.

 A Spirit Intuitive is, by my own definition, someone who can sense the presence of spirits. I'm not talking about "ghosts" because I define a ghost as the manifestation of a spirit form that can be seen with the so-called "naked" eye. Different intuitives use different methods to communicate with spirits. Some hear them (I do not.. okay, once in awhile). Some feel their presence, but don't see them. (I confess to a little of the first and a lot of the second). And there are those that have a heightened level of abilities and can communicate on many levels. My primary level of communication is that I see spirits through second sight, kind of like watching a movie play out in your peripheral vision. I have heard things, but more often than not I sense their feelings the same way I can sense that someone is upset, nervous, sad, angry, confused, etc. when I meet them in person. The way that I see them is more to do with relying on my intuition to guide me in the interpretations than in a physical communication.

So what is the difference between a paranormal investigator or ghost hunter and a spirit communicator?

Ironically, when given the chance to work as a paranormal investigator I worked as part of the scientific team. It was through my experiences with the team and working with the spiritual advisor for the group that I began to realize that I was still at the beginning of discovering what my part of this experience in life would be. Another bit of irony came from an experience that had a lasting affect on the entire team. We had started working with a psychic (of sorts) who had expressed in interest in the group. It was only after some investigation on the part of the vigilant team leaders that they began to realize that the "psychic" was not all that she claimed. While I can't say with any real assurance that she was without abilities I do believe that her intentions to use those abilities were not always in the best interest of all involved. The last thing I'll say about that was that it was from watching her that I began to realize that what I was sensing and see was something completely different from what she was getting. I just had to have the confidence to believe.

How does this spiritual intuition work? Can I contact a long lost relative at will?

Sorry, I wish that I could say that I could request the presence of certain spirits at will, but I'm not sure that I'll ever have that particular ability. I do know that during certain situations I can receive visits that offer insight that may be needed to a friend or colleague. I never just dump this information on the unwilling. I always broach the subject carefully and I leave all interpretations up to the receiver. I don't always have to be near the person needing the information. Sometimes I'll get messages that are earmarked for someone with a sort of tagging system. Usually, it's enough to let me know that the message or visitation need to be passed along.

And finally, the question I've been asking myself for years... why me?

I guess the answer would be "why not me?", but this quick quip does nothing to explain what has drawn me forward. I was raised with the idea of something else beyond what we could see. I believe that there were even times as a child when I wished for the ability to make contact with those who had passed (I know this is strange for a child, but I was a strange kid). I even think that it was the opening up of my abilities that helped me become a writer. Let's face it, when you are continually told that what you see is your imagination then after a while you begin to believe that you have one heck of an imagination and you need to put it to use. My outlet was stories. But as always, I would caution those who think this is cool and wish that it would happen to them to be careful what you wish for. It may be more than you are capable of handling.

Ultimately, I was very lucky to be surrounded by people with the willingness to teach me and offer guidance. I still find that when information is needed then a teacher usually presents itself. It's that way for any aspect in our lives... all we have to do is be open to the possibilities. I pray that there are many more opportunities to learn and grow.

Thank you for being patient through yet another transformation. I am still ghostgirl. I'm still searching for ways to help those that have passed and those that are left behind to grieve. I'll let you know how this journey progresses.



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